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#Thankingsgiving Service activated. So much to thank God for! #gratefulheart #thankyouJesus #flourishingalltheway

Happy Thanksgiving all. I thank God that you all are in my life. You make it sweet.

Sunday service at CEEL....#wadlaJesu


Behold my group Pastor of the church of champion Lcc6 group in full thanksgiving mode. #thanksgiiving@lcc6 #velz1thanksgiving

Celebrating da epitome of great grace, love, goodness & elegance. We love U mummy. #bdaycelebration #dcnsO #lmamukzone2 #centralgroup #ippc

Celebrate His Goodness As the year 2017 draws to a fruitful end, it’s important that we make out time to thank God for His mighty blessings in our lives. Make today a special day of rejoicing, expressing profuse gratitude to the Lord for His blessings throughout 2017. There’re four important ways you’re to celebrate and thank the Lord today. First is through your prayer of thanksgiving; express yourself to Him with thanksgiving from your heart. Secondly, worship and praise Him profusely and ecstatically from your spirit. Thirdly, celebrate Him with your testimony—your testimony of thanksgiving. Testify of what He’s done in your life; eulogize Him for the joy of the Spirit that’s in your heart. Thank Him for the foundation of your spirit; the foundation of faith that God gave you. Celebrate the hope, and other blessings in your spirit. Lastly, celebrate Him with an offering. We worship God with our offerings because He’s God. Your offering to God is an oblation, a testimony of your faith in Him. Give the Lord a special thanksgiving offering today, and project yourself into the greater future He’s planned for you. Choose certain times or hours of the day to have celebration sessions alone or with your family. Make it an entire day of celebration, because you’re grateful for all that Christ is to you; you acknowledge and appreciate His grace at work in you. Don’t spend time thinking about some unattained goals or “disappointments” you may have experienced in the year. Rather, celebrate Jesus, trusting that He’s already perfected all that concerns you. Rejoice! Shout and dance around in your room, glorifying the Name of Jesus. Celebrate His life that’s in you. Celebrate His Word that’s working mightily in you. Celebrate the prosperity, health, peace, joy, victories and life of glory that God has given you.

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PRAYER Thank you precious Father, for your blessings upon my life, my family, and everything that concerns me; you’ve decorated my life with your glory. You plucked me out of trouble and satisfied my desires with good things; for these, I rejoice and adore your majesty. All glory, dominion and praise are yours, now and forever, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

God has brought me far..11 years of consistency in His hse. #1 partner is rest asured. Truly #THANKFUL for my Salvation & Growth in Christ.

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