Godfrey Obu: Happy Birthday Chris and Charis. on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Chris and Charis. We celebrate you on this memorable day. God bless you

Happy Birthday Chris and Charis. Happy Birthday Chris and Charis. Happy Birthday Chris and Charis. Happy Birthday Chris and Charis. Happy Birthday Chris and Charis.

This is beautiful😍💯

Thank you LIMA 2019 congratulations Evangelist Kathy and all in LMAM, thank you so much for your excellence, thank you for giving lives a meaning thank you for giving vent to the word of God in your ministrations, Thank you for be inspiring #LIMA2019

POST IPPC IMPACT Still in Lagos.. I just got Monday, an Uber driver born again Oh Boy!What will happen when I get to BAYELSA Thank you so much Pastor Chris & my BOSS of no Regrets #TLB for such an amazing IPPC Kindly watch this short video of Monday saying thanks #TLBMYADVANTAGE

Updated his profile photo

Eyes fixed on Jesus your one and only goal! I love you Lots and bless you for this son of mine. To you be all the glory. He is all Yours! Use Him; protect him and perfect all that concerns him and all the children in the world in Jesus' name. Amen.

Pray for me, I just lost my Jod. To make matters worse I lost everything I have worked for. I bealiving God for a supernatural turn over.

When your book of remembrance is opened...

#celebratingexcellence #pjo1118 #cemidwestzone #teens/youthministry #ceekpanreal. Happy Birthday once more.

LIMA 2019 what an extraordinary time in the presence of the master, to Testimony Jaga thank you, transporting me in praise worship and adoration for the one and only king of kings.

Mama. I love you, I honour you, I appreciate you. There is no person like you. The glory of the Lord upon you is likened to no other. Mommy you are everything God wants. Thank you for showing me a life of faith and value to God. HAPPY GOLDEN JUBILEE MAMA. I LOVE YOU!

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