Dcns Sarah Sam: Enemy vanquishing prayers are not on KingsChat Web

Enemy vanquishing prayers are not necessary.. my responsibility is to rather intercede for those around me who are not saved.... I have the capacity to express the love of God in my heart and I do so even now... #LiftChallenge #MonthofUplifting #NSSZONE1 #CEBAYELSA #TLB

Enemy vanquishing prayers are not Enemy vanquishing prayers are not Enemy vanquishing prayers are not Enemy vanquishing prayers are not

Whatever​ God tells you to do is for your benefit. If He tells you to love your enemies, it means you can, and it's also for your advantage. So you've got to do the Word. #ROR #LiftChallenge #MonthofUplifting

🎀 When you get to understand that the adversary we contend with isn't flesh and blood, you'll never hate anybody. 🎀 My meditative thoughts from ROR. #LiftChallenge #MonthofUplifting #NSSZONE1 #CEBAYELSA #ZoneC #TLB

PRAYER GUIDE FOR THE 8 DAYS PRAYER & FASTING WITH PASTOR DIPO FISHO DAY 5 THURSDAY 5TH 1.Thank God for his marvelous help toward Us. Declare that all resources required to bring to pass, the desires of the Spirit for the assignments God has given Us are made available to us unhindered. Declare that we are willing always and do not give as the natural men would, for we function from the realm of the supernatural, giving radically for we are not of flesh. 2 Corinthians 5: 16 Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more. Psalm 24: 1 The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Haggai 2: 8 The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts. 2.Thank God for the irreversible change of state we have experienced in the last days. Declare that you are a kingdom financier and as a new creature, you now function from a position of advantage where there’s a continuous supply of financial resources, having over and above, blessed with men, money and material resources to accomplish all that is ever required of you from the Lord. Job 22: 24 Then shalt thou layup gold as dust, and the gold of Ophir as the stones of the brooks. Deuteronomy 8: 18 But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day. #abujazone #ceaz

Congratulations to our Director Of Events and Programs and the Director of Cyber Loveworld, Director Tolu Alabi. You have been a great Blessing and Pillar to us all. God bless and increase you greatly. Your coast has been enlarged to do more and bring more soul to the Kingdom. Thank you. We love you. Thank you, Mr President, Sir for showing us a more excellent way. The Greatest Gift is found in Love...

My month of uplifting #birthdaymonth

Uplifting verse Matthew 23 vs 13 TPT version Remember this: If you have a lofty opinion of yourself and seek to be honored, you will be humbled. But if you have a modest opinion of yourself and choose to humble yourself, you will be honored.” #humilitythesecrettouplifting#

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Whatever God tells you to do is FOR YOUR BENEFIT. If he tells you to LOVE your ENEMIES, it means YOU CAN. #ror #daily #liftchallenge

#ceukz2lmam #BLWUKZONE2MUCH #ukzone2 #essexgroup #acceleratedmetamorphosis

THANK YOU FROM PAKISTAN The families of the children you sponsored #backtoschool in the nation of Pakistan, in the month of March 2019, have come today to say THANK YOU. We are counting on your support to send more children to school this September....school resumption is VERY CLOSE The #Backtoschool sponsorship options are: $100 per child [N36,000]- full option Sponsorship Kits  $33 for a Scholastic kit [N12,000] $16 for a Uniform kit [N6,000] $3 for a Stationary kit [N1,000] Sponsorship Items $7 for a Sportswear [N2,500] $7 for a pair of Sports Shoes [2,500] $5 for a School Bag [N2,000] $3 for Exercise Books [N1,000] $2 for a pair of School Shoe [N700] $1 for a Water Bottle [N360] $1 for a Pencil Case [N360] $1 for a Set of Socks [N360] $1 for a Pencil Set [N360] Direct Bank transfer💳 *402*96601237*AMOUNT#   KINGSPAY CODE ICM4C (Naira) ICM42 (Int'l payments) Through the Back to the school website bit.ly/2SWT2QO #EndChildpovertynow #EveryChildisyourchild

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