Mary Mathurin: Jovaughn just got born again!! on KingsChat Web

Jovaughn just got born again!! He gladly recd ROR although it was Mar. Thank God the word is undated! #cecanada; #cebramptonwest; #souls2016

Jovaughn just got born again!!

God has positioned the right people at the right place and at the right time to favour #cewz #cech5 #cepti

updated his profile photo

Gift hard at work #ATLSUMMER16

#Phenompa31 A leader should never be surprised


updated her profile photo

Happy bday my dear sistr md friend keep spreading in increase weath

I'll show up in great places were human mind can't imagine because the Holy Ghost is my long leg and connection #cewz #cech5 #cepti

Glorious things are spoken of us #ph29

I am so glad I was in church tonight.

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