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Isa 60:1 Arise, shine; For your light has come! and the glory of the LORD is risen upon you#cegwanda

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am reaching Everyone in his/her world #cekano #Nvz3

Wow... What a great time we had yesterday @ The Save a Teen Skaters Competition Iive in Christ Embassy Abakaliki #ceabakaliki #cesevz1

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The Haven Nation, Europe Region KFMS The Final Day of the Kingdom Finance Meeting Series Europe was a day to be remembered as the Europe Regional Pastor, CEC member and Deputy Secretary General of Believers' Loveworld, Highly Esteemed Pastor Kayode Adesina took centre stage. The Governors and members of Zone E1, Europe Region had been raised to a level of great expectation by The President of The Haven Nation, Pastor Goke Adebayo as they hungered for great words from the Regional Pastor. The Haven has been raised for a time as this, the Highly Esteemed Pastor Kayode said. The reputation of Europe must be "the last has become the first".  Pastor Kayode made it clear from 1 Samuel 14:6 that God does not need a whole army to win a war but a willing heart. From the scriptures, he expounded to the participants the mindset of the righteous. The thinking process of Men of God that exemplified them amongst their brethren. We learnt that the difference between those who are acting and doing things for The Lord and those who are not is in the way they think. Pastor Kayode used the story of Joseph and David to explicate the thought process that leads to Excellence.  Using 2 Samuel 22:17-27, Psalm 1:1-3, Psalm 23:1-6, the Regional Pastor further elucidated on the thinking process of David that made him so excellent. He moved on to buttress the truth that God did not send us here to suffer using John 10:10. He then zeroed in on Psalm 68:19 to let the members of The Haven know that God loads them daily with benefits and this should be their thinking process. He then enjoined the delegates to think ownership. There are many opportunities for you to become owners of big businesses if you will only open your heart to see the abundant opportunities around you he said. In conclusion, the Highly Esteemed Pastor Kayode admonished The Haven members to cause the rivers of living waters within them to flow consistently by doing the following: 1) Have quiet times listening to the Holy Ghost. Meditation on God's word will give you instant ideas 2) Speaking in tongues from your belly and not from your mouth. All the leaders and members of The Haven Zone E1, Europe Region finished the conference knowing without a shadow of doubt that they are a channel of blessings. And The Haven Nation work in the Europe Region will never be the same again.

Happy Birthday Pastor Oge, You are indeed a blessing to this world. I love and cherish you. Thank you for everything

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I win at every count... #cekano #Nvz3

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