Ola siluko: Thank you Pastor, Its Victories on KingsChat Web

Thank you Pastor, Its Victories Upon Victories for me, everyday of my Life #cebeninzone3 #BNZONE3 #blwdayofservice #offer7

We are increasing everywhere #pjorocks

I Am the best of God, he created me in his image thus I know how I look like and who I look like.. #cebeninzone3 #blwdayofservice #offer7

Happy Wedding Anniversary. U are bless. Is your year of spreading, and your month of thanksgiving.God has fill U both with laughter. ENJOY

This is so cool.... I love my dad.....

You inspire us to do more in Campus Ministry Sir. Happy blessed birthday. Much much love #pjorocks

Happy Birthday to my Man of God!! I remember clearly the first time I heard him preach, he spoke "divinity". I was so amazed!!! #Dec7

Yes. God's Word works. #blwzonej #blwuniben #offer7

updated her profile photo

God has perfected all that concerns you. still celebrating a Soul winner.

This spirit man is awesome beyond words! Happy Birthday Sir! I love uuuu!!! #pjorocks

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