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Glorrrry. Wawao, just want to tank God for the gift of this special woman of God, Dcns Tosan. Who is celebrating today, happy birthday dear. You will continue to shine and increase on every side IJN Amen. Congratulations. Queens cell love You.

Glorrrry. Wawao, just want to Glorrrry. Wawao, just want to Glorrrry. Wawao, just want to Glorrrry. Wawao, just want to

@RhapsodyofRealities CONFIRMED!!! Esteemed Pastor Tuokpe Edun has confirmed the participation of NORTH CENTRAL VIRTUAL ZONE 1 in the RHAPSODY COMMEMORATIVE EDITION! Congratulations to all our Esteemed Partners in North Central Virtual Zone 1 as you illuminate the world through the sponsorship of ONE MILLION COPIES OF Rhapsody of Realities in the 1st quarter of 2019!!! Watch this Space for More Exciting News on the Rhapsody of Realities Commemorative Edition!!  #rorcommemorative #rhapsody  #rhapsodyofrealities #NCVZ1 #NCVZ1Rocks really can’t pray as they did and expect the kind of results you ought to be getting as a New Testament person. Prayer has changed! - Rev Chris (RoR article Wednesday 23 January 2019).

i'm the light of the world,i'm mooving glory to glory!!!

It's time to illuminate your finances. #ceromford #UKVZ4 #UKREGION2

Wow! Happy birthday to highly Esteemed Rev. Ray Okocha, Rev Sir thank you for raising me up in ministry, I will even remain so grateful sir. I love and appreciate you so dearly Sir. #cewministrycenter

Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Evang.Kathy Woghiren. what a mighty Woman of Faith,Grace and Super you are. Woman who makes war in Prayers,tough in the spirit.Great Mother of Music.Knowning you is such a great blessing. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Evang.

Light : illumination ,clarity and sound judgement Through the Book Review on Sunday 27th Jan , light will shine so brightly in the hearts of the DURBAN brethren . @PstAndy #CEDURBANGP #CESAZONE2

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR MY BLOOD TO BE INFECTED! My life is not sustained by blood, but by the Spirit of God. That same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in me. He’s in my ...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND LISTEN TO THE AUDIO👉👉👉 Get daily confessions of divine healing and health by following this superuser. Like, share and post your declaration. #healingtothenations #healingnow #hspartner #hspn

8DOM - DAY 5 (PROPHETIC INSIGHT INTO THE YEAR OF LIGHTS) DAY 5 VIDEO is available now on the Pastor Chris Digital Library App. Download the Outline with the link: #CeAccraGhanaZone #8DOM

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