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#mydeclaration I Declare that my health will flourish and bloom into the perfection of God's glory and Grace.

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I am blessed and a blessing to my world

I lay up Gold as dust for the gospel riches of nations gravitates towards me for good. I am loaded in dollars, pounds, euros#mydeclaration

Nations are bowing their knees to the Lordship of Jesus Christ#mydeclaration

I am Rich,Powerful and influential in this Generation. I am Rich in dollars, pounds Rich in all major currencies of the world#mydeclaration

My marriage is blessed, my Children are super blessed, supernatural life is ours. Highly Favoured, Upward & Forward life 4evr #mydeclaration

I'm a habitation of His blessings! My life is for His glory! #mydeclaration

I am wisdom personified. No sickness can stay in my body. My path is always illuminated by the spirit.

I am significantly relevant in the accomplishment of the vision the Lord gave to my Man of God Pastor Chris. #mydeclaration

The lord is the strength of my life #mydecleration#cephzone3

#mydeclaration My mother recieved live again today and the light of God dominates my family.

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