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Supernatural Sunday Service

Supernatural Sunday Service Supernatural Sunday Service Supernatural Sunday Service Supernatural Sunday Service

Talkshow on LMAM IKWO It is a platform to show your talent and evangelize #ceikwobabakaliki #ceabakaliki #nightofagreement

Happy birthday Sister Gift Ebolum

SUPERNATURAL SUPPLY GRAND FINALLY!!! Rapt Attention to the word... #supernaturalsupply #sundayservice #cecooperativehouse #ceasaba #sevz1

I'm a part of it. Are you?

Day 1 begins with 'The Blessing'. Get the video on PCDL now! https://kingsch.at/p/anoyLzZ

Updated his profile photo

Happy birthday Bro Bob mike

Happy birthday Bro Clement, more Grace upon your life and many more beautiful and glorious years ahead. God bless you sir.

Happy Birthday shad mama. Ur life is truly that of grace, favour and praise to God. I love u dearly

PASTOR IFEOMA LETS US IN ON A SECRET FOR​ ONLY A SELECT FEW! The message began today with heightened suspense, as the Esteemed Director of Corporate Affairs unearthed a major secret that got everyone raising their antennas. What was the secret? Find out below.👇 Next week, a major operation will be taking place around the world that will involve some initiated people signing one of the biggest financial agreements​ ever. There's a financial system that's different from anything the world has ever seen or known, established by God to guarantee our perpetual prosperity. One of the requirements of this system is for us to give our first-fruits, which the Bible describes as the first and the best of a series that God blesses us with. "When you give your first-fruits​," she said, "your money will no longer be determined by the value placed on it by the economy. Inflation can't touch your money." So, are you one of the initiated? Get ready for the major operation of the first-fruit service next week. #CELVZ

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