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What a super weekend of impartation. The land is subdued before us! #cellministryfireconferencewtrevken(hot) #cecanada

What a super weekend of

NOBS - not a dance party but the dance that night eh hmmmm #nobs #nightofblisssapele #cesapele

Updated her profile photo

updated her profile photo

All things are possible!!!! When you call on His name.... #cegweru #flourishing #cesazone5

The 1st Global Communion Service with Our Man of God in Our Year of Flourishing holds this Sunday, February 5th. After a life-changing '8 Days of Meditation' and an impactful 'Pastor Chris Live at Benny Hinn Ministries' last week, we are set to be launched into the month of February with the first Global Communion Service with our dear Man of God in this Year of Flourishing. Are you expectant? #UKVZ3 #TheLoveZone‚̧ #YearofFlourishing #CommunionServiceWithPastorChros

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What's on? THIS IS ON NOW... #iflourishonlineprosperityconference

'Rhapsody of Realities Live' special music program, with Sinach songs and an invitation to receive Christ.

It's indeed our year of flourishing and We are flourishing on every side and in every area, every day Hallelujah!!!#cecanada

Arabic #flourishing

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