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Happy Independence Day USA🚑

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Thank you so much @Peeyuu Sir for bringing me on board the Air Flourish Flight 2606 crew. Yes, it's a victory parade!!! #WelcomingThe14thCEO

Coolele Don land oh!!!! 14th n 15th of this month.. I dey Lagos life #ZD2 #TheHavenConventionWithPastorChris #HAGARAMAD

Are you ready to expand in every area of your life.plan to attend our Haven convent ion with on the 14th and 15th with our man of God.

Touching and Changing lives With the Word! #ROUSANY

That moment when we didn't want the flight to end. It didn't end. It only just begun. Carbin Crew et #URFlames #WelcomingThe14thCEO

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CE Bwari Model Church Flourishing With Souls! Expansion! Expansion! Expansion! 400% Increassseee! Yessss! #CEABUJAZONE #CEBWARIMODELCHURCH


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