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Still celebrating the ever-passionate Sis Evelyn Ovonlen.Thank you for being a great helper of the war. God bless you richly and abundantly for your labour of love.Enjoy a great new year!!! #cemidwestzone #blueelite

Still celebrating the ever-passionate Sis Still celebrating the ever-passionate Sis

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CE BAMENDA leaders Prayer rally highlights. It was indeed a time of refreshing and alignment as every leader basked in the Holyghost. #ewcaz4 #cebamenda #leadersprayerrally

It's not enough to believe in your heart in Jesus, you've got to say it.. day one was lit🔥 #Exposéonsoulwinning #blwzoneb #campusministryrocks

Je suis une ouvrière de Dieu. Le gain d'âmes est ma priorité. #JTCworshop2020 #EWCAZ4 #Cameroon #Doualagroup #Cekm5

Happy Birthday Dear Sis. Praise!!!!! Have a fabulous year!

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Eternal life is to know the father, the only true God and Jesus, the one he sent!! Kayaaaa #Exposeonsoulwinning #blwzoneb #campusministryrocks

Faith is a conviction. It’s a stand you take. Faith is followed by action. -Pst. Layo #Cedallascentral #Usaregion2

WHAT DO WE SAY TO OUR MAN OF GOD & OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED ZONAL DIRECTOR!!! The Church Is Advancing Forcefully The Gates of Hell Were Annihilated NOTES FROM SERVICE WITH PASTOR YEMISI TODAY 1Samuel 30:1-31 👉 In your month of recovery, let your spiritual eyes be open. God is placing in your path the right people with the right information because he’s the divine connector. He’s bringing the right people with the right information to make your recovery quicker. 👉 Visualize your recovery; visualize when you’re praying. 👉 It’s your month of recovery, what’s your pursuit going to be like? You’ve got to learn how to pray in your pursuit for recovery. 👉 It’s your month of recovery don’t be quiet; don’t give up and don’t give in. What do you what to recover? (you’ve got to be specific) Your recovery must be, so that you’ll become a distributor of blessings to all. 👉 David started the journey of recovery with 600 men, they got to a brook and 200 of them, about 33% of his men, said they couldn't go anymore. Did that stop David's pursuit? No! 👉 In your pursuit, overtaking and recovery, some people with you will give up. Keep His Word in your mouth, even if you are the only person left, you advance. Genesis 14:13 👉 Be conscious of those God has placed in your path, don’t look down on anyone. Extend the love of Christ to all. 👉 Make up your mind to come back with the spoils, to come back bigger and greater than you were before. #CELVZ #CelebrationService #TheMonthOfRecovery

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