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Were you at this meeting?? #CelebratingOurManOfGod #Offer7 #Dec7

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Happy birthday Pastor Benny Hinn. I love you so much.

TUESDAY 4 DECEMBER 2018 FAITH IN ACTION WITH PASTOR RUTH MUSARURWA It is a special Gathering Sheaves month. Pastor said, "There are ideas God gave you this year, find them, bind them, bring them together. There are things there that you overlooked. These are Idea-Sheaves. Find your notes. Gather them together and review them. God wants to talk to you, and update them for you in a way that you can act on them. It's the Month of Gathering Sheaves. Then, you have money in places that you have forgotten or overlooked. God wants you to open your mind to gather these Money-Sheaves. Gather your Money-Sheaves. Ask the Lord to guide you. Where did you put the money that you have forgotten?What endeavours were you involved with and you have forgotten? It's a Month of Gathering sheaves. The list is endless. As you pray in the Holy Ghost He'll guide you, and show you each sheaf. He is about to do something really special. You have assets that can be turned into wealth but you have overlooked them. God is about to guide you into those assets that you think are useless. There is wealth right close to you. This is the month. You are about to bring water out of the rock!" This is the word for the month, act on it remember the blessing is for the doers. Praise God #cesazone5 #supernatural #gatheringsheaves

TEEVO NEWS!!! The LoveWorld International Day of Service 2018 in honour of our Man of God is ongoing. The teenagers have invaded the streets and they're making history. Join this chariot, for our Man of God deserves it all... Stay tuned for more updates... #LWDayOfService #TeeVo2go

Divine Health Realities 04 December 2018 I am walking in divine health every day of my life; sickness cannot prevail over my body because eternal life is working from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. Hallelujah! #cekano #nnwvz2

Happy birthday to a man of unique influence and vision. God bless you more Bishop.

100 things I'm grateful to My Man of God for: MY ZAHVALNOST 7 Thank you Sir for PRAYERS WITH PASTOR CHRIS - millions have been saved because of our prayers. #spiritinmotion #teamdazzle #cmdazzle #blwzonek #blwuniabujaalphachurch1

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Glorrrrrrrryyyyyyy taking over all the Teens in Yaounde for Jesus. Oh thanks to our Esteemed Dircector for such a great initiative. We love You Sir. #EWCAVZ4 #lwteensministry

🎢🎀 .... I've got VICTORY in the name of the Lord ...🎡🎸🎷🎼 V.I.C... #TeamGlamour #CelebrityChef2018 #CElebrityChef

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