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Happy birthday Ma, #IconicPLA

Happy birthday Ma, #IconicPLA

Kampala City Crusade 2018

Happy Birthday to a boss with a difference. Your passion for the work of the ministry is unparalleled. I love you dearly Ma. #iconicPLA

YOUR RHAPSODY TODAY Christ Our Life Romans 8:11 declares: “If the Spirit of Him that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you, He shall vitalise your mortal body.” The life of the human body is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11), but for the one who’s born again, his body is made alive by the Spirit. Thus, your life is from the Spirit. There’s an effect of the Holy Spirit’s presence in your physical body. How could you be sick when Christ lives in you? How could anything be wrong with your liver, heart, or kidney when Christ is your life? How could you fail, be defeated, or act foolishly when Christ, the embodiment and totality of wisdom, lives in you? It’s not possible! The trouble is that not too many are conscious of the life of Christ that’s in them. Read the full article on bit.ly/ReadMyRhapsody

Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Ma.What a jolly sweet ride it has been;working with you closely for over 10 years!Thank you Ma for the foundation you laid for me.I am forever grateful for that.Above all Ma;I am privileged and most grateful for your special love and care for me❤💕💖

3 of a Special Kind - Happy Birthday @SUPERMAN @bvw Pla You've made our world so much more beautiful, lighting up everywhere you go. I love you all

CONFESSION Christ is my life, and I walk in the glory and power of His righteousness; I live by the law of the spirit of life, and I’m thoroughly vitalised by that divine life, walking in dominion over sickness, disease, poverty, and every consequence of sin, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Thank God for answers to prayers! prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy." Proverbs 31:9 (NIV) Partner with us today ⏩ https://goo.gl/VqYbz5 #EndChildpovertynow #Everychildisyourchild

Happy Birthday #ICONICPLA! Thank you for always bringing out the best in me. Your passion for excellence & commitment to the work of the ministry is second to none! Thank you for ur exemplary and inspiring leadership. I love you dearly ma

Unforgettable Moments Innovative Generation #TheInfluencers #StaffWeek2018 #InspireInitiateInnovate

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