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The Spirit of God has granted me insight and foresight into realities of the kingdom and God's eternal plans for all mankind. #mydeclaration

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This year doors of international travel are open to me. My career path has begun. I'm traveling all around the world. #mydeclaration

Money gravitates towards me consistently, I have all that I need for the call upon my life, because I am a seed of Abraham. # mydeclaration

l declare that my faith is alive and producing health in my body therefore l refuse to intertain doubts in my heart

I declare that I have absolute mastery and absolute success in everything I set forth my hands to do for Kingdom Expansion! #MyDeclarations

#mydeclarations I have received supernatural grace to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time. I effectively win my World for Christ.

I'm a dispenser of eternal verities. The light of the glorious gospel shines through me. I'm an overcomer. Glory to God. #mydecleration

God is counting on me faithful for the furtherance of the Gospel. #Mydeclaration

#mydeclaration The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want forever.

Tremendous changes, outstanding miracles abounds. Order, even as the word grows and prevails in TZ, and beyond.

I declare that I and all the one that the Lord has given unto me prospers and live in health all our days. #mydeclaration

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