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The Holy Spirit brings the fire of God but it is your responsibility to maintain and sustain the 🔥

The Holy Spirit brings the The Holy Spirit brings the The Holy Spirit brings the

S̳O̳U̳N̳D̳ ̳&̳ ̳W̳O̳R̳S̳H̳I̳P̳ ̳M̳U̳S̳I̳C̳ ̳C̳O̳N̳C̳E̳R̳T̳🥁💃🕺🎺 WITH #CESCARBOROUGHGROUP CHOIR - ONLINE YOU'RE WORTHY TO BE PRAISED. THERES NO ONE LIKE YOU! YOUTUBE https://youtu.be/m-G8fe-zOGA OFFERING & OTHERS https://linktr.ee/cescarboroughonlineservice #CESCARBOROUGH

Goodnight Dad. I'll miss you always!

Fire Conference with Pastor Enoch Such a blessed moment in God's Presence Showing us the way of the Spirit

Happy birthday @pkels Hardworking, diligent and result oriented. Thank you for all you do in ministry. Your reward is huge. This new year, it's a whole new level for you. Congratulations, things have changed. I know you had so much fun...I love you

Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Sir, thank you for all you do in ministry. I love you dearly sir

Happy birthday my dear Sister Ekenedilichukwu...kennywise Congratulations on the year added...its a glorious new year for you where everything is made complete and perfect I love you @kennywwealth

Updated her profile photo

In 9th position, The Top Partnering Zone Christ Embassy Uyo, My very Papa Esteemed Pastor Wale .. Congratulations papa🎖🎖🎖🥇🏅🥇🥇🏅🥇🏅 #pwales #perfection #Loveworldplus #Loveworldnetworks

If I don't change the world, it won't change. 🌎

#GDOP #CELZ1ROCKS #SG1 #Okeira 2

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