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Congratulations, Happy New Year and Welcome to the Year of Light #CETXZONE2

Congratulations, Happy New Year and

Welcome to 2019, the year of "Lights"! 4 Important things Light brings to us: 1. Light is for illumination, illumination produces clarity, refinement, innovation, sound judgment. 2. Light gives Leadership : Daniel 12:3 . Shine means to admonish, to inspire, to teach, to send out light, all this is leadership. Light gives guidance. John 8:12, Matthew 28:19. 3. Light gives empowerment because light is energy. What's energy? Capacity to perform. Light empowers you. Colossians 1:29 . This is the energy of God at work in you. . 2 Corinthians 3:5 4. Genesis 1:14, Light is for signs and seasons. Isaiah 8:18. #entering2019withPastorChris #NCVZ1

2019 the Year Of Lights! #guidance #leadership #empowerment #enter2019withPastorChrist #CEBBCBD #CESAZONE5

WELCOME TO 2019 - THE YEAR OF LIGHTS Gloryyyyy!!!! 1 John 1:5 John 9:5 Matthew 5:14 What is light?  Psalms 119:105 Ephesians 5:13 Light is that which makes manifest - Lights gives Illumination Clarity Refinements Innovation  Sound judgement  - Light gives leadership Shine - admonish, teach,  send out light John 8:12 Matt 28:19  Go ye therefore and shine to all nations  - Light gives empowerment emits energy ( capacity to perform)  Col 1:29 Genesis 1:14 - Light is for signs and seasons  Isaiah 8:18 We are going to see signs and wonders like never before  We are not alone  #CeAccraGhanaZone #Enter2019withPastorChris

This is my year of light i will shine my light so bright

Rev.Chris Oyakhilome2019" The Year Of Light."



This is 2019, the Year of Lights! - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Join the Man of God; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as he shares the Word of God & the direction of the Spirit for us in the New Year! Watch now on Loveworld Plus, visit www.loveworldplus.tv/watch OR Watch Loveworld Plus TV using the Loveworld Plus Decoder and free to air recievers on  Eutelsat 16A and StarTimes Channel 465. Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App Today! (available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and on the Windows Phone Store ) #pastorchris #jan1st #newyear

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2019 - The Year of Lights. CE Houston participating live with our Man of God Pastor Chris at the 31st December New Year's Eve Service. #cetxzn1 #enter2019withPastorChris

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