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WHAT IS A BLOG? a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. WHO IS CALLED A BLOGGER? A blogger is someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website. A political blogger might provide weekly commentary on current events. A personal blogger keeps a website which may include diary-like entries, photographs, and links to other sites. Such a blog is a record of how the blogger spends her days — vacations, weekend outings, books and movies she's watched, and so on. Fashion bloggers might take photos of outfits or link to shopping sites, and pop culture bloggers might recap last night's TV shows. Blogger comes from blog, first used in 1998 as shorthand for weblog. Start blogging now on Join Bloggers on Kc group for more updates 👇 1. #qubwebs #qubstore #1billion #Didyouknow

Happy birthday esteemed bro Courage Okponibuot, we love and appreciate you. #celz1rocks #Ikoroduisbig

A SPECIAL THANK YOU FOR YOUR VALUED PARTNERSHIP IN MAY 2021! A special thank you to our esteemed pastor David Adewunmi Jones, of The Living Oil Gospel Church, UK. We celebrate your commitment and dedication to the vision of our man of God at the International School of Ministry! Thank you for making a difference in the lives and ministries of countless ministers of the Gospel around the world, through your inspiring partnership with the ISM in the month of May! The Lord who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your store of seed and will increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will always be enriched in every way to be generous on every occasion. Amen. We love you dearly and celebrate you always at the ISM! #ISM #PastorChris #impactinglivesimpactministries #loveworld #Preparation #thankyou

Updated his profile photo

Happy birthday to my dearest babe, thank you for being a big blessing to us, thank you for your impact in our ministry, thank you for our outreach and thank you for bringing up our children in the way of the Lord. We love you dearly From Melissa, Vanessa and me Gloryyyyyyyyy

Members viewing with rapt attention during a live streaming service from Central church. #cestmaryschurch #ceagbrhogroup #ministrycentrewarri

📝TOP TIPS - THOUGHTS 💚 Key tips to keeping your thoughts on track. #mindmatters #blwukzoneb #lovegroup #kingschatrecommends

Loveworld Cellministry Focus For This Week 👉MBTC Phase 8 Date: Monday 13th to Wednesday 16th June 2021 👉ICLC 2021 Date: Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th June 2021 👉Global Cell Ministry Bible Study Week Date: Sunday 13th to Saturday 19th June 2021 Log on to to download your bible study Outline 👉 Prayers For All Nations Date: June 6th to July 5th 2021 👉40Days Prayer Of Preparation for ICLC 2021 Date:May 12th - June 20th 2021 #MBTC #ICLC #Biblestudyweek #40daysprayer #prayersforallnations #cellministry

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