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KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND LIVE ACCORDINGLY Rhapsody of Realities October 16th #KeepSpreading 😉👍

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#wordfest #feastingontheword #itsgettinghotter

It's time for ACTION!!! Against Poverty. #hac2020 #endchildpovertynow https//

God bless,helps and put christians around sinners so that they have an opportunity to hear the gospel and be saved, but He is not with them. God stil helps and protects them even though He is not with them.Thats why i should preach the gospel. #Wordfest2 #CESydney #CEAustralia

Blessings to you Sir

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Today's message is SUBSTITUTION PART 2 You can watch this message for free using our unique Zonal link Christ Embassy South East Zone 2 Visit for a 24hr steam of Pastor's messages #wordfest2 #watchPcdlTV #wordatwork #wordfest2020

Anti-corruption police discover £4,500 stuffed in underpants of senior Brazilian politician A key ally of Brazil's president has been arrested after anti-corruption officers discovered a wad of banknotes in the underpants he was wearing.

Breaking Down a Complete Timeline of Cardi B and Offset's On-Again, Off-Again Divorce Cardi B has set the record straight: She likes it like that, so she's back together with husband Offset. Their separation lasted almost a month after the "WAP" rapper filed...

Terry Bradshaw & Co. Compete to Find Rachel a Boyfriend on The Bradshaw Bunch A race for Rachel's heart! The coronavirus pandemic has taken hold on The Bradshaw Bunch in recent weeks, and as fans of the E! show surely recall, it didn't take long for NFL...

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