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Wow! Gloryyyyyyyy, the women cell of CE jibowu had their outreach today, tags "the supernatural woman" it was a great success with 72 first timers, 12 new convert. 94 in attendance.

The words i heard today at the #SALPC with our dear man of God, Pastor Chris is more than tongue can tell....


Happy Birthday Deaconess Joy! You are such a joy to work with! May you always find favour and more grace in all that concerns you . I love you dearly! Enjoy your day!


Happy birthday to a burning and a shinning Light. Ardent soulwinner. Kingdom financier... We love you dearly Sister Matilda Ndubuisi.

Are we ready for this big project #thesaviour #cejos


When I got born again I was brought to the environment called Christ, here what matters is what He Jesus says. The world is subject to me because I am not in the world! #lpcsa2018 #pastorchristeaching #cethorngrove #cesazone5

LPCSA 2018 South Africa #partnership stands, #Healingschool, #LoveworldSat, #InnerCityMission #Haven Ma, it so enjoyable working with you. ♥ ♥♥

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