Mrs Maxwell Alice u.: Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. *There on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. *There are not enough words to describe your Passion for the Lord Jesus Christ, your drive for Souls, Compassion for the lost and less privilege, courage to make a fight and stay a fight, raising soldiers for the end time army.* God graciously bless u

Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. *There Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. *There

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Happy supper birthday mum.

Happy birthday mum. One thing for sure about my pastor is, when she is called at any time, she will deliver. No excuse, no retreat and no no in her dictionary. She is a complete activist for Christ. Always on the just course, responding to all targets and responsibilities.

Happy perfect birthday Esteemed Pastor Richard, indeed your commitment to the vision of our MOG stands out, and your life is a message, thank you for standing out with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. You're a blessing to Canada. I love you so dearly.

Happy Birthday dear Pastor Richard. Thank you for all you do for the Master. Enjoy many more perfect years full of glorious testimonies! I love and appreciate you Pastor! #CANADA #PERFECTION

#WORDALIVE OCTOBER 21ST, 2020 #Dailyconfession #Thewordworks #Raphsodyofrealities #Affirmationtrain #myyearofperfection #Monthofproclamation #Alignment #Completeness #Excellence #Fruition #abujazone #ceaz #loveyoupastorchris Our kingschat @WordAlive Facebook: WordAlive

So good to be back!!! #CEPHZone3ZonalChurch

I have been promoted by the Most High God-Spiritually & physically,etc. He brought me into a wealthy place, to show His might & display His greatness in & through me before all eyes/ears. You are Lord, Master-I adore #myproclamations #myaffirmationsoftruth #mymonthofproclamations

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