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*ORACLES OF GOD - PASTOR CHRIS* "If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen." *(1 Peter 4:11).* The apostles worked tremendous miracles because they had learnt how to yield themselves to the sword of the Spirit - the Word of God. These men had learnt to yield themselves to God so much that they spoke as oracles of God. This is what a lot of Christians haven't learnt and I believe it's what we need to learn in these last days. Many Christians never experience the manifestation of God's power in their lives because they never take time to hear from God. The Bible says we ought to speak as *'oracles of God,'* that is, one who speaks for God. If God hasn't said anything to you, then be quiet! If God hasn't talked to me, I have no business talking to you. I'd be foolish to come to you just to tell you the latest news headlines; there are enough broadcasters for that. The news I bring to you ought to be from God, because I'm born again, I'm filled with and anointed by the Holy Ghost. God reveals His secrets to His children (Daniel 2:28). That's why the Lord Jesus told us the Spirit of truth will guide us into all truth and show us things to come (John 16:13). As you take out time to store up God's Word in your heart and fellowship with His Spirit, He will speak up loud within you. He will reveal secrets to you; He will guide your heart into the truth (or reality) and show you things to come. So when you open your mouth to speak, you will truly be speaking as *'the oracle of God.'* Then He will back up His Word that you speak and ensure it comes to pass.


Happy birthday Dear Esteemed Pastor Lanre. I am so grateful to you for more than I can put in words. God bless you richly Sir. Enjoy a supernatural year ahead. You are simply exceptional. I love you.

THE WORD CLEANSES MY BODY! As I receive the Word of God into me, it travels through my entire spirit, soul and body; it goes right into my cells and my bone marrow, cleansing me, strengthening my physical body and....CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND LISTEN TO THE AUDIO 👉👉 http://enterthehealingschool.org/content/content.php?i=32185 Follow this superuser now and stay connected to enriching content. #faithproclamations #hspc #hspartner #hspn

Happening now #ZICLCEWCVZ3

Happening now #ZICLCEWCVZ3

Pastor Chris Declares Word of the Spirit for July 2018, ‘the Month of Laughter’ #LAUGHTER #SUPERNATURAL #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN

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Happening now #ZICLCEWCVZ3

I am the open door of God to those souls.The Vision is clear, the mandate is pecific. #EWCAVZ4ZCLC2018

The international Gospel Singer and award winner Jeannine Zoe Wojacek, daughter of Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome and wife of Pastor J, is about to release her new album in just a few days from now.

I am God's door to lost souls.. Giving them beauty for ashes... #ewcavz4zclc2018 #ceupstationbamenda

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