Pst Tunde Olufowora: A glorious HBD to a on KingsChat Web

A glorious HBD to a Phenomenal PLA, our Esteemed Director of CGI - a man of Words, Wisdom, Insight & Foresight, an erudite scholar of Pastor Chris's teachings, a moving encyclopaedia, a juggernaut, an humility personified! We celebrate ur tenacity, zeal & doggedness 2day. I❤Sir

A glorious HBD to a A glorious HBD to a A glorious HBD to a A glorious HBD to a A glorious HBD to a
Segun Soyode


Heart Happy Birthday to my teacher and my Pastor, a man full of love and grace. Your life in an inspiration and I am grateful to God and proud to say your words like the word of my father has helped thus far in my faith journey. I pray more doors of utterance is opened to you like never before. I am a partaker of your grace and I love you so much sir.

Dcns Blossom Chukwu


Happy birthday to a dear man of God. Thank you so much Sir for being a burning and shining light on all fronts. We celebrate your doggedness and commitment to the vision of this great ministry. We love you Pastor Sir!

Victor Ohakim


Happy Birthday Pastor Lanre Alabi. Thank you for the leadership, inspirations and example you provide me. You continue to bless me at every ministration you deliver. I love you very much sir.

Ibironke Kiyomi


Happy Birthday dear Pst Sir. We love you so much.



Happy birthday Pastor Sir, I love you Sir



Happy Birthday Sir.

Gregory Edeaghe


Happy birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Lanre sir. Thank you sir for your tutorship, mentorship and affecting me with the investment of your personality over the years. I love you dearly sir.



Happy birthday to a man of Extraordinary grace. I love you dearly sir



Happy birthday to a visionary leader. I love you Sir

DIVINE HEALTH CONFESSIONS: 11TH JULY 2020 #dhconfessions #healingtothenations #cesazone3

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Happy birthday dear Sir, I love you dearly Sir

When I Think About The Goodness Of Lord Jesus And All He Has For Me; My Very Soul Will Shout Hallelujah. I Bless The Lord For Saving(Blessing) Me💃🏻💃🏻 Thank You Lord For Peace, Health, Protection, And Victory #Grateful #CELVZ #ThanksGiving #MyYearOfPerfection #TheMonthOfProductivity

DIVINE HEALTH CONFESSIONS: 11TH JULY 2020 #dhconfessions #healingtothenations #cesazone3

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Our teenagers are ready for Thanksgiving!!! #IGiveThanks #midyearthanksgiving, #CELZ5Thanksgiving #CELZ5. #celz5teensministry #DanceChallenge

Joyeux anniversaire a mon Père Pasteur Lanre! Dieu te bénisse et te garde! Je t'aime !!! #CC1 #Exceptionaltrainer #PLA711

Today I Celebrate Commitment, I Celebrate Passion and Excellence. I Celebrate Perfection I Celebrate A queen in God's vineyard Happy Birthday to the beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing, SIS OBY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MA. 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🍮🧁🎂🎂🍩🥧🍰🍮🎂🥮🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 #11July

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