Pastor Lidia: IPPC loading celebrating my Riches on KingsChat Web

IPPC loading celebrating my Riches in IPPC... Christ Embassy Australia will not remain the same...Glorrrryyy

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#CEUKZone3 #ChecRelpublic #Prague4Jesus Esteemed Sister Dee Glorifies Jesus in the City of Prague. Christ Chec Republic

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#CEUKZONE3 #CHECREPUBLIC #JESUSREIGNS Esteemed Sister Musu-Sue confidently pose in the City of Prague captured for Jesus We love you 💕

#CEUKZone3 #ChecRelublic #LastDay Esteemed Brother Peter Declares : We taking over Chec Republic. Glorrrry

Happy Birthday pastor, you are a Blessing to the Nation, a man with Integrity, thank God for Blessing to ur world you are a true pastor, I salute you sir, happy Birthday.

My Father! I am so excited about this meeting and every meeting with you sir. aaaahhh it's like butterflies in my tommy! And yes I'm loaded with my offerings as I go today to the house of the Lord. #celebratingmyriches #deepcallingtodeep

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#CEUKZone3 #ChecRepublic #ROR Not over until last own copies were strategically given to a Soul on the Last Day. Missionary Squad Last Day few souls were reached out , some got saved. Church of Jesus is waxing GREAT. Glorrry 💕💕💕

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