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Happy Wedding Anniversary Dcn Kunle and my lovely Sis. Kemi. I celebrate your exemplary lives. Increase grace to do much more . I love y'all

Happy Wedding Anniversary Dcn Kunle

Congrats Pastor Sir. I celebrate you. I was your LMC student 13 years again. I witnessed that glorious wedding. Now look what God has done

CAN WE REAL COUNT HIS BLESSINGS? God said to Abraham, AS FAR AS YOUR EYES CAN SEE...POSSES!!! #Gratefulheart #Iamsuccessforever. #CEZone2.

Hapi married lyf 2 a special couple who shows DAT love can b true&4ever may ur life continue to grow in love and happiness together!!!!!

There are places u're supposed 2be by virtue of d calling in ur life! Ure supposed 2be in d house of God @d appropriate tim #ceowerri #ssvz4

Can you see Pastor Biodun Lawal's name in the list below? Pastor LIKED my post! He saw it! Wow..... Thank you KingsChatšŸ˜„ #cesazone4

Congratulations sir we rejoice with you.

My high esteemed GG and Maqoba Thank you Pastor Alfred Sir and Pastor Sphe for your teachings... #BLWSAZone

I am the seed of Abraham, death, sickness, lack, want, poverty any melancholic situation have no place in me and anything that concerns me.

God's Word is enriching. There's so much in God's Word that will bless you! #ceowerri #ssvz4

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