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updated his profile photo

updated his profile photo

Happy birthday sir .

Happy birthday Sir,we love you.#eavz6 #cemauritius.

Celebrating my Pastor. Gods gift to Eavz6. Happy Birthday Sir. I love you. #HBDPTO #eavz6 #cekenya

Happy Birthday Esteemed Ma! Thank you for being a blessing to me & the BLW Nation! U r full of energy, a great motivator, a.....#whyilovepsy

Dear Lord Jesus, forgive me for being complacent in the spread of this gospel. 225 days gone in 2016,140 days left. No stopping me! We all have 24hours daily we can either invest it or waste it find out more in this clip WATCH THIS #gntv

#iprayforNigeria: When we pray for Nigeria, we establish the DOMINION of the CHURCH in our time NOW- That is KINGDOM TAKEOVER!!!

Happy birthday to you Pastor Sir, thank you so much for your fatherly love, care and prayers. I love you Pastor.

Excerpts from The message "Pursuit of purpose" The various meetings we hold are not our purpose but a means to achieving our purpose

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