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All Praise and Carol Concert Awards 2016 This year's edition of the All Praise and Carol Concert promises to be the best we've experienced yet! We're setting off on this wonderful journey with the APCC Awards Competition. The nominees for this glorious award are listed in the the featured pictures. To vote, make a post on your timeline with the hash tag of your choice song as displayed in the pictures. #PraiseTeam #Pedro #Gift #Emmanuel Also include #CEWarriZone in your posts. Let the voting begin!

All Praise and Carol Concert All Praise and Carol Concert All Praise and Carol Concert All Praise and Carol Concert

A boss that encourage creativity and Innovation, she's so full of mind blowing Ideas!! Am like her lol....#ppamrocks #dec13th

The mountains & the hills break 4th b4 me in singing & al the trees of the field ar clapping eir hands as I advance in lyf. #cesazone5

David saw that in the sanctuary of God, there’s glory & power; so he yearned to see the same glory in a land destitute of the Spirit of God.

Education or money? Choose what you want child..... This life is all about choices 🤔. #RevChris31

I go out with joy & I'm led forth with peace as i advance in life #cesazone5 #Thanksgiving #AffirmationTrain #CEHarareCBD

I am a custodian of divine Life and there's divine Life in the atmosphere in which I live. #cesazone5 #Thanksgiving #AffirmationTrain

I mek great and glorious things happen in my life, in God’s kingdom, and in the lives of others, to the glory of Jesus Christ. #cesazone5

I am a joint heir with Christ and I am sufficient in His sufficiency. #cesazone5 #Thanksgiving #AffirmationTrain #CEHarareCBD

The Word of God is important- pst Chris #cesazone5


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