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فيه شيء غريب هنا احس

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نفس احساسي

Glorious time at the Staff Thanksgiving service at CE Ministry Centre Abuja on December 13th. #BlueEliteThanksgiving #CEAMC

أحس لوني صاير أصفر

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Today, I had the honour to work with Pastors whose work of taking the Gospel into the deepest slums touched me. Over 50k crack-addicts, prostitutes, gang leaders, drug dealers are now Pastors & Missionaries because of them. I wonder how the Lord reward them? #countingmyblessings

اذا دخلت ذا البرنامج تجيني ضيقه كسم الاختبارات كلها منها احس

آه آه يا مععععععععععين

Thank you so much Pastor Sir for this new level of insight into the word and impartation which has changed our estate. It would have taken us several years to get some of these things. I'm so so grateful Sir. I love you! #yourloveworld #praise-a-thon #ilovemyteacher #celvz

صبح صبح

بجرب يوم واحد بس اغيب شوي عن عينك بشوف شلون تتحمل تزعل ولا بس راضي صدمني موقفك والله ولا تسالني بس وينك أثاري كل علاقتنا زمن يمشي علي الفاضي🎵

#THESTORY OF #LUMINARYPASTOREARNEST Members of EWCAZ5 celebrate the Birthday of their zonal Pastor in a story telling manner .They thank the President of the Loveworld Nation for sending Pastor Earnest Omoleme to them...

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