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Happy birthday Daddy! Your life is the description of the perfection of God's glory and because of you, I'm same. My life is full of glorious, heavenly colours because of you, Sir. No word is sufficient to describe all you're to me but I know Christ gave us the best in you.

Happy birthday Daddy! Your life

I love you so very much Sir. God bless and continually protect you. Thank you for giving my life a meaning.Thank you for teaching me to identify the times and seasons. #ewcaz5 #ecwavz5

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Happy birthday my dear pastor for life .. I love you dearly sir ...

Happy birthday to the best of the best, Esteemed Pastor Chris sir. My life is glorious because of you. Thank you Daddy for raising a world class army for our Lord Jesus Christ. We are indeed formidable because of your audacious faith and teachings, I love you endlessly,🥰😍

Airing now on is "Priesthood & Sacrifices" on Pastor Chris Teaching Classics #ThankyouPastorChris #watchonpcdltv

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A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE TO OUR PASTOR, FATHER, TEACHER, PROPHET AND MENTOR, REV. DR. CHRIS OYAKHILOME FROM LOVEWORLD UK ZONE 2 - We join the hosts of Heaven to thank you and celebrate you sir. You are a true worshipper of Christ. Happy Birthday Sir! #Dec7 #ukzone2 #OuryearofPerfection

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