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BLW UK INTERNATIONAL OFFICE ROR PANCAKE DAY Pancake day is always celebrated 47days before Easter and in our opinion it’s the day of the year when it's perfectly acceptable to spread the gospel with pancakes. 3 staff members rose to the challenge to compete for the Best Pancake Recipe and to claim the Spatula Award. With the nation's collective palates already watering at the thought of the treat, the staff of BLW UK International Office seized the opportunity to reach out to our neighbouring offices. The idea was to re-enact the bible story where Jesus fed five thousand with five loaves and two fish (John 6:9-11), but in our case, it was our daily devotional Rhapsody of Realities and a variety of mouth-watering chocolate, lemon and sugar drizzled pancakes. Flipping pancakes is good business but spreading the gospel is the singular most important business today. It was a beautiful outreach indeed and many received our messenger angel with gladness of heart. Our sincere gratitude goes to our dear Father for these privileged opportunities of service and blessing to our world. We love you sir! #BLWIntlUK ________________________________ Follow the BLW UK International Office SuperUser account on KingsChat.

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My father, my father #PF4Wealth #blwghzone

I was blushing so much I kept my face hidden D whole time lest my excitement be I'll never forget it #cerumuolumeni1church1

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Still celebrating,Happy Birthday Lovely sis, You are flourishing in everyside Keep shining.!❤

Happy birthday dearest Deaconess Favour Orizu. Indeed you flourish on all sides and God's grace is increasingly evident in your life. 😍you.

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Excellence personified #pf4Wealth #blwcyprus #FortizoCell

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