New York Times: For the Incarcerated, Drawing is on KingsChat Web

For the Incarcerated, Drawing is a Lifeline An exhibition at the Drawing Center looks at how artists have used the pencil to envision their freedom during captivity.

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Late Night Shocker: A Canadian Scandal! Trevor Noah’s take on the revelation that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore blackface: “I’m just sad to see another black man being brought down.”

The Surprise of Jaap van Zweden’s Philharmonic Tenure? Surprise Starting his second New York season, this conductor has been more innovative than our critic had expected.

How Long Before These Salmon Are Gone? ‘Maybe 20 Years’ Warming waters and a series of dams are making the grueling migration of the Chinook salmon even more deadly — and threatening dozens of other species.

Cancer Patients Tell Us About Clothing for Changing Bodies “The stockings don’t look very good but I’ve decided to change my attitude about that and say they are chic,” one patient writes.

What Will My Grandchild Remember? When we think about what we leave behind as grandparents, we hope we will have transmitted lessons about kindness, justice, strength and confidence, the boundless nature of love.

In ‘The Water Dancer,’ Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Debut Novel, a Slave Tries to Control His Special Powers Coates’s first novel, about a 19th-century man who has the ability to vanish from one place and appear in another, has echoes of work by Gabriel García Márquez, Colson Whitehead and Stephen King.

Renewing an Affair With the Empire State Building A revamped tower wants your love: It’s offering King Kong, flying steel girders — and a vertiginous ride to the 102nd floor. The city’s first supertall also offers grand views of the new New York.

If You Hate Floss, It’s O.K. to Try These Alternatives Experts with the A.D.A. and the C.D.C. told us five things to try if you hate regular floss — and what you should avoid.

Banish Roundup From the Farm? It’ll Take More Than Lawsuits After a blockbuster acquisition, Bayer may lose billions over claims that the No. 1 agricultural chemical is unsafe. But its market niche seems secure.

Boris Johnson Is in Trouble With Brexit. Many Voters Don’t Mind. Despite multiple setbacks, Boris Johnson could still win a general election. Analysts say that, like President Trump, he has played to his core.

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