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1 day to go!!! 1 day to go!!! 🎉🎉 Celebrating Light! Celebrating Influence Celebrating God’s Gift Celebrating Highly Esteemed Pastor Airen Ekhosuehi! 🏆 #PA0902 #blwukzonea 🏆 #KingingPastor

1 day to go!!! 1

“Everything has intelligence. Release the sound codes all the time.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

“Perfection = The state of being complete and correct in every way.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

Updated her profile photo

“Your feelings has to do with your responsibilities.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

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There is none like you 🥰 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

Northampton’s jubilating as we celebrate a Man of faith; a man of excellence; our dear Group Pastor Bosco. We are grateful to God for sending you to us. We love you & look forward to the unfolding of even greater exploits in the county. Happy birthday sir. #LWNorthampton #UKZone2

#1daytoGo My highly esteemed zonal secretary. A gift from God to me. I love you, sir! #PA0902 #blwukzonea 🏆 #KingingPastor

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