Onyinye Makwe: Happy Father’s Day to our on KingsChat Web

Happy Father’s Day to our Man of God, Pastor Chris I know the future is bright because whenever you meet with us young people, you always say “I believe in your future” Thank you Sir for everything #pastorchrisgeneration #fathersday #blwukzonea

Happy Father’s Day to our

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Happy father's day to our highly esteemed regional pastor. Dear father, Thank you for walking with our man of God all these years. I celebrate Christ in you. Thank you pastor sir for the opportunity...I love you #Uganda #EWCAZ3 #Yearoflights #magnificent

Glorrrry Graduation with pastor oket #EWCAZ4 #CENDOBO #KATALAMBANO6

Happy Fathers Day Sirs, I’m blessed and honoured to be your son. Thank you for the love, kindness and guidance you have showered on me all these years. I love you dearly.

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Happy Father's day Daddy

Happy Father's Day My Beloved.Thank God for Fathers.Stay Blessed.



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