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You can never truly follow God and fail... #FlourishingPstMJ Be patient #FlourishingPstMJ Relax yourself #FlourishingPstMJ #BirthdayCountUp

You can never truly follow

Happy birthday to my most awesome friend dipo!! Thank you for always speaking the wisdom of God.you have changed my life.thank you..

I stand proudly as a Staff of d General himself & I am vitally involved in d Expansionist Agenda. I Salute!💂#StaffWeek2017 #SoldierOnDuty👮

Happy Birthday, dear Pastor Success! Thank U for always making things happen. We at the InnerCity Mission love and appreciate you deeply.😘


TWC.....thewomancarpenter Proudly Nigerian

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Thank you dearest Pastor and Boss sir for a superlative#Staffweek2017.I'm part of a global team,making Jesus relevance in my world,I love u

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Glorious home coming.

Celebrating the Pastor who prays in the ATM. Full of humility #2pkendy6

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