KARIBO : 14 DAYS TO GO !!! on KingsChat Web

14 DAYS TO GO !!! #REONonlineconference

14 DAYS TO GO !!! #REONonlineconference

Happy Supernatural Birthday to you Esteemed Pastor Ma.Thank you for inspirational leadership.Accra Ghana Zone Staff Comm luvs u #PDIrocks

You are always a part of our acheivements. Thank you for always celebrating with us! Today we celebrate you!! #influentialpjk

Happy birthday to a very special, beautiful WOG. Thank you Ma for the many opportunities to serve. I love you totally Ma. #PDIrocks

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14 DAYS TO GO !!! #REONonlineconference

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Happy birthday ma, I love you #PDIrocks #iCelebratePDI

#iCelebratePDI #PDIrocks

The Month of May is declared to be My month of favor. To be born on this day, in this special month, makes it for me "A BIRTHDAY OF FAVOR"

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