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New year Eve service with pastor Chris #cemwz31stnightservice #ceugbowogroup #cemidwestzone

New year Eve service with New year Eve service with

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Again nd again we tnk God for all He did for us in 2017...wit our hands lifted up in praise we say tnk you..2018 is settled #cebeninzone1

God who at sundry times&in divers manners spake in time past unto d fathers by the prophets, will speak today via Pastor Chris.

End of the year Fasting and prayer service at Siluko 1 #cemwz31stnightservice #ceugbowogroup #cemidwestzone

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#December31st.. #lastsundayservice.. #Thanks2017.. #welcome2018..

IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER. 1994 - Quenching Your Thirst 1995 - Toward The Mark 1996 - All Things Are Ready 1997 - The Year of Focus 1998 - The Year of Excellence 1999 - Go Forward 2000 - The Year of Order 2001 - The Year of Glory 2002 - The Year of Praise And Greater Glory 2003 - The Year of Laughter 2004 - The Year of Double Portion 2005 - The Year of The Spirit 2006 - The Year of Shining 2007 - The Year of Supernatural Accomplishment 2008 - The Year of Fulfillment 2009 - The Year of The 7 Fold Increase 2010 - The Year of The Greater Light 2011 - The Year As A Burning And Shining Light 2012 - The Year of The Word 2013 - The Year of Favour 2014 - The Year of Greatness 2015 - The Year of Triumph 2016 - The Year of Spreading 2017 - The Year of Flourishing 2018 - The Year of ....... (Stay tuned) We are almost there! Get ready for the time of your life. The meeting will be live on all LoveWorld TV stations. Invite your friends, neighbours and family to be a part of this life changing meeting with our man of God Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome. We look forward to hearing your testimonies... God bless you. #Monthofbenediction #TALKINGSESSION #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN

Anticipating the 31st night service with my man of God... Ready for 2018 with my spirit... #blwzonej #31stnightservice2018

#December31st.. #lastsundayservice.. #Thanks2017.. #welcome2018..

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