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As a child of God, no matter the situation you’re faced with, refuse to worry. Refuse to fear or be apprehensive over anything. Never find yourself up all night, because you think if you sleep, something unpleasant may happen to you; stop the fear, and stop the worry. You can’t be awake, watching over yourself, at the same time that God is watching over you. It doesn’t matter what you hear; whatever news is making the headlines has nothing to do with you, because you’re not of this world; you operate from a higher realm of glory. Don’t let the negative information from the world change your countenance. When things look rough and tough, don’t get ruffled; that’s the time to sing and rejoice, declaring God’s Word.  Be enraptured by God's Word as you watch and listen to Pastor Chris Teaching at 3:00pm on LoveWorldSAT. #LoveWorldSAT Connecting The World To The Word

As a child of God,


#PrayingNow 🙏 Nigeria:: ISAIAH 60:20 [MSG] "I'll install Peace to run your country, make Righteousness your boss. There'll be no more stories of crime in your land, no more vandalism."

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The 7.5k window has now closed! A new window has now been opened! 10k is its new name. Expires by midnight on the 30th of June, 2018! The official launch will be by 1am on the 1st of July, 2018. (When the witches are scattering .... Lol) Get yours now! Send me a DM.

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💃🏿🎂CELEBRATING AN ACHIEVER AND A GOAL GETTER Happy birthday to an excellent, exceptional personality, Sister Adaobi Ereku Thank you for your labour of love and your exemplary leadership quality to the body of Christ... We love and appreciate you dearly! #supernaturalwarrizone #cewarrizone

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