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#anselmibe My whole body is #anselmibe My whole body is #anselmibe My whole body is

☄Celebrating the Group Pastor of Executive Group Bayelsa and the Pastor of Christ Embassy Akenfa 2, Bayelsa ☄Today, we join the host of heaven to celebrate our Pastor, mother, an epitome of beauty and a virtuous woman; our dear beloved Group Pastor. Thank you for showing us the path to follow; for being the solution we need. You are uniquely one of a kind. It is a unique privilege to be associated with you, in you we see calmness, beauty, virtue, love, passion, hope. We love you Dcn & Sis Gentle Emelah's family and the beloved brethren of CE AMARATA II ☄Pastor Ma, happy birthday! Indeed, to know you is to love you. Your life exemplifies the essence of the gospel. Thank you for choosing to believe in me, my household and the brethren at CE Amarata1; always seeking to cover us with the warmth of a mother's heart. We are so honoured to be associated with you. We love you SO DEARLY MA. Deacon/Sister Bibi Alagha CE AMARATA1 ☄Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. You're a woman of Grace and today, we're celebrating your numerous graces at work in our lives. Pastor/Sister Noble Adiele CE EMEYAL ☄ It's an honour to celebrate a great Personality, our own mother, the Esteemed Pastor Toks Umeasiegbu. Pastor ma, without mincing words, you've just simply been the best to us. Your excellence, leadership, drive, and passion has not only moved us higher but is also very contagious. Thank you so much ma. On behalf of the brethren in CE Agudama 3 I say a big Happy birthday. I love you ma Brother Williams Chiude CE AGUDAMA3 ☄Happy birthday Pastor ma! On behalf of all the brethren of Christ Embassy Mbiama, we want to say we love you and wish you a very happy birthday! Pastor Richard Turner CE MBIAMA ☄Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you my pastor, happy birthday to you........ Hip hip hip hurry..... Once more happy birthday pastor ma. I love you. Brother Thompson Ombu CE Imiringi 1 ☄Happy Flourishing Birthday Pastor Ma. We the entire Leaders and members of CE Baybridge Mega Church wish to heartiy congratulate and celebrate our group Pastor of no regrets. Ministry is just too easy with you Pastor Ma. Again we say Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. Brother Kenneth Inedi CE BAYBRIDGE ☄HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR MA. WE OF CHRIST EMBASSY IMIRINGI2 JOIN THE HOST OF HEAVEN TO CELEBRATE YOU ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU AS YOU'RE MOVING US TO GREATER HEIGHTS MA. Sister Grace Omena CE IMIRINGI 2 ☄Wow!!! What a day, Pastor ma,you are exceptional in many ways,you are a school of the spirit, an amazon who is simply amazing,you are a trailblazer, a goal getter yet with a calm spirit.Happy birthday dear Pastor ma,we love you specially you know na,lol . Bro Dickson Eddy Mgbang CE YENIZUEGENE ☄Happy birthday Pastor Ma Your show of love & grace has made us in CE Yiba-ama to flourish like never before. We love you ma Sister Timi Emmanuel CE YIBA-AMA ☄To my Pastor, mother and great teacher....words are not enough to appreciate you. Thank you for your love, teachings and motherly care. I love you liquidly ma. Happy birthday to you Ma, my amiable hero. Brother Emenike Emmanuel CE KOLO ☄Happy Birthday Ma. We celebrate you today. On behalf of the beautiful people of Christ Embassy Onuebum, we say Happy Birthday Brother Steve Job CE ONUEBUM ☄ Happy birthday to a caring mother. You are full of love Ma and I'm so grateful for all the love you've shown to me over time. By your words, you keep moving us from glory to glory at Christ Embassy Emeyal 1 Sister Esther Okwuoju CE EMEYAL 1 ☄Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. Knowing you is Loving you. Thank You for Ma your exemplary leadership Sister Benita Opia CE Otuoke ☄Happy birthday Pastor Ma. Pastor Ma, you have been a source of inspiration to us and my family over the months. With most sincerity of purpose, you're more than a mother to us. Thank you for your love. We thank God for giving you to us at this time. Thank you pastor Ma. We love you dearly. Brother Disiye Amos CE Otuasega ☄Today is such a great day for me because I'm celebrating my mum. Your investments in my life Pastor Ma are too numerous that I can't express all in words alone. Mum, you've shown me the most excellent way in ministry. On behalf of all your children at Christ Embassy Etegwe1, we say happy birthday to our Legendary Mum Sister Grace James CE ETEGWE 1

Wow! IPPC Zonal celebrating blw@30.#cephzone3

True Success is finding a human need and meeting that need! Timeless Words by #PastorChris #BLWDAYOFSERVICE #DEC7 #ILOVEMYPASTOR #CEYORK




Pastor and members of CeSilukomodel celebrating a successful day of service #cemidwestzone #blwdayofservice #cesilukomodel

I am a strategic Partner #IPPCINYOURCITY #WEVZ2


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