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am a blessing #cebamenda1 #ewcavz4

That's whatsapp.... My Pastor, your Pastor, our Pastor.... #PastorDee She is a Christian baller. Woman of faith #SEVZ1 #teamcalabarrocks

FIRE FOR YOUR FUTURE 7 days to go! The count up has begun! Believers Loveworld UNICAL presents: Fire For Your Future with Pastor Dee Isesele Date: 14th - 15th May 2016 Time: 5pm daily Venue: Nat Unical Music: Eli-J & BLW Unical Mass Choir 2 days of Impartation of grace to make your vision clearer and your dreams come alive.....Building A Happier World With Love. Share your expectations for Fire For Your Future in the comment section of this blog. Stay tuned to this page, and follow our Superuser Account: South East Virtual Zone 1 on Kingschat for more inspiring updates by clicking the "FOLLOW" icon at the top right corner of this page. #SEVZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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The blessings of the Lord rest upon me, and overtake me because I hearken to the voice of the Lord. #CEACCRAGHANAZONE #CEACCRA2

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Numbers 13 ; 30 - 31 #Pastor Mthobeki #CE Kensington #Sunday service

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HOLY LAND TOUR DAY 6 - UPDATE Pastor is sharing with us at the place where the tabernacle was before it went to Jerusalem. It is also the place Hannah prayed for a man child and eventually came the great prophet Samuel. Many come from all over the world to pray here. Pastor Vale is leading in prayer at the same spot.

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