Pastor Seyi: Happy Fathers' Day to one on KingsChat Web

Happy Fathers' Day to one so loving, caring and considerate. We love and appreciate you Sweetheart.

Happy Fathers' Day to one Happy Fathers' Day to one Happy Fathers' Day to one

Happy Fathers’ Day to our great man of God! Thanks for blessing us. We love you!

Happy Fathers’ Day to our great man of God! Thanks for blessing us. We love you!

Happy Fathers day. I love you so dearly sir.

To the best Dad we could ask for....Happy Father's Day Pastor Chuka Ibeachum 🙏🏽 #UKVZ1 #CECATFORD

JUNE 16 SERVICE AT CE DURBAN CENTRAL What a glorious life transforming June 16 youth service it was at CE Durban Central A great multitude of teenagers trooped in hoards visibly and contagiously excited as they were looking forward to the activities of the day. Characterized with rap, poetry, dance and music activities they were kept attentive on their seats. Pastor then shared on their identity and relationship with God. Reading from Exodus 33 vs 17, (MSG)"God said to Moses: “All right. Just as you say; this also I will do, for I know you well and you are special to me. I know you by name.” Pastor got all the teens saying they are special and God knows them by name. Pastor taught on the importance of knowing that God is superior than any celebrity and yet it is Him who is concerned about them. and declares that He knows them personally. Reading from Jeremiah 1:4 (MSG); Gal 1:15;Dan 11:32; 1 Sam 17:20(AMP) He taught the teens on the following: 1. That God has definite plans for each one of them 2. God knows each one of them before they were even formed in their mothers womb 3. That despite then being young God expects them to do great things for the kingdom of God and the nation. 4. They can aspire to acquire at this very young age 5. They can desire to be like David and determine the time for making progress in their lives 6. Success is not accidental they need to start planning for it 7. From this meeting they will do well in school, and develop skill, wisdom and become good prospects for leadership in government, business and spiritual arenas. The Word was also declare that no sickness will attach itself to them, to which for the sick. Heart conditions, asthmatic conditions, depression, severe headaches, evil spirits and many other ailments came out of their bodies. One girl went to ask Pastor to pray for her so that she would start behaving well at school, after the prayer she was sobbing saying she will, from tomorrow stop beating other kids, which she used to do until they bled, and was expelled from school. Over 75 got born again and started a new life in Christ. We thank God for this transforming youth service.

Happy Father's Day to my beloved Dad!!!🎉🎈 Thank you for EVERYTHING sir I love you💞

ROUSA 2018 IS ON #ROUSA2018 #texasregion #cehouston

Happy Father's Day to my Dad; the best father ever, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I love u Dad.

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Happy fathers day to my Egbon of life! I love you so dearly sir

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