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Sis Peace of ZoneA nation is looking forward to #DOBS #DayofBlissSpecialwithTLB #CEBAYELSA Miracles everywhere

Sis Peace of ZoneA nation Sis Peace of ZoneA nation

Glorrrrrrrrrrrry Its here again, Night of agreement Phase 2 at CE Rukuba Rd Church Jos. Come with your friends See you there!

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#NOBPH2019 #nameofchurch #cephzone3

I smile when I think of..... #DOBS #DayofBlissSpecialwithTLB #CEBAYELSA #LMAM

Beautiful midweek service with the esteemed Sinach #cepune1 #celz3

The Forces of darkness have no authority over my life because I have been delivered from the domain of darkness and translated into the kingdom of his Love son.Col 1:13-14

My program Your program Our program I am vitally involved #DOBS #DayofBlissSpecialwithTLB #CEBAYELSA #LMAM #ZONEA

During a short domestic trip to the Central Africa Republic, Bro Brandon of CE Chad Teens Church used the opportunity to organize an outreach and 106 youths received salvation! Well done to Brandon, for using the chance for the gospel. You can be like Brandon, and turn that trip into a missionary journey! #CEChad #SoulsAlwaysReady

CHRIST EMBASSY BOWIE, MARYLAND USA. A Muslim who gave her life to Christ. Had finished her foundation class. Very happy to be baptized. Glory to our God. Pastor Bee

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