A SPECIAL FEATURE: OUR CINDERELLA STORY- PART ONE My Home Life: I am Carolyn.... Born into a family of 5 where laughter suddenly turns sour and pain and tears became the order of the day is my story....Life had handed us a check but do I spend this check and live in it? My Dad was quite an unusual dad who constantly beguiled by the allure of life, left us living constantly in the terror of what the future held for us. My mother prayed, everyday we fasted and prayed for my dad the best we could. They both, would resolve their issues and yet be apart again. It was from one chaos to another. One day, painfully he finally ditched us. As a child in high school I was the best female science student and I would take up jobs after school. My mum worked too, but she would often fall ill. Most times I was left to pay the bills play mom and make sure everyone had food and school fees were paid etc. At some point when I was 11 I would watch pastor Chris on TV and often said I was gonna be like him. The bible and books were my best friends. I remember my aunt smacking me saying "So you want to grow up corrupt and go to that church where they wear trousers right? " Clinging to God's word was all I had living in the most despicable conditions. David was my favorite story in the bible. I had won bible quiz knew most part of the bible but not with an in-depth revelation till I started listening to Pastor Chris' Teachings.I was hungry to know the word and it was my only comfort in the austere cold nights. The Difficulty of an academic career: I couldn't go to the university like my friends. I worked so hard to take care of my siblings. At age 21 I was almost lured into getting married because I thought I had nothing left.  My dream was to be a renowned doctor, school abroad and preach the gospel but I was doing one and not another. But deep down in me I held my visions alive and saw the pictures daily. Years past, everything seemed harder. I couldn't go back to school but I trained myself reading good books...this was my favorite thing. I invested in myself by learning from others.My life was sold out to God and and taking care of my family. I developed a penchant for sharing God's word and I often received testimonies of so many miracles from the lives of those who read my write ups via the internet. With this I was able to reach out to a huge number of people all over the world and quite a lot started attending Christ Embassy Churches in different countries around the world. There were so many things i wasn't able to afford for myself, my focus was to and i lived my life for my family and sowing seeds with the little I had left and sometimes to the extent of starving. Some nights I would cry and cry and wonder how would the things I was told by God become a reality?. There were days when my siblings and I slept in hunger with no food.....oh! so many days.....My mother worked so hard...nights...days to keep us...yet it wasn't enough....We were sent out of school so many times because of tuition. But I never gave up! There were nights when I cried myself to sleep because I didn't know how to go on....being an eldest child....holding my siblings together as much as I could was my primary assignment. My determination  was clear and my path was definite. I wasn't going to quit but kept pressing on in prayer and in God's Word ( You see, my mom had taught us how to persever in prayers and in the Word of God) Church had become the center of our world and our life; became our  past, present, and future. I had to work three jobs a day to have seeds to sow, offerings  to give to propagate the gospel, and support my family...and help others around me. I always said to ma self that "I am the world's richest woman and I was a doctor with a difference". Even though i had no certificate as a teenager to teach. I realised that I was gifted with teaching (I realised i was super smart and knew that was God's gift to me) and so I started teaching after school lessons to primary school kids, just to help sustain my family and those God brought my way and most importantly giving to the expansion of the gospel. In hindsight my decision to start attending Christ embassy did not go well with my mother; but now she loves my church, my Pastors and my siblings also attend Christ Embassy!. I became so fulfilled, found my joy in looking out for others, causing them to smile and touching lives the best way I could. This was my success journey everyday, that kept me going- being in church, winning souls, sowing all kinds of precious seeds....Every time people blessed me, I would look for a way to give back. Love power was my greatest arsenal. Often I was scorned and laughed at for the way I lived, but I knew through Pastor's teaching that my life's results would be my only response. I learnt to be smart....and turned out the best student in A student.... It so happens i also learnt that my prince charming are my dreams, not a man or a woman; and I was determined to meet them. When I studied and acted on the word in faith, I had no idea about how the future I dreamed daily was gonna come......but through Pastor's teachings, serving and being in church every service, every meeting with my Pastor was an opportunity to educate my spirit, sharpen my foresight and I saw my dreams daily and kept them alive in my mind and heart. I practised talking sessions, kept saying to myself I am #LIONESSANGEL. #I_AM_THE_RICHEST_WOMAN_IN_THE_WORLD, #YES_I_AM_A_DOCTOR_WITH_A_DIFFERENCE. Remember, being truly wealthy and successful is influencing, touching lives, and making people better than you met them?. I said it at every opportunity I got to others but mostly to myself. I learned the value of never giving up. Then one day my Father died...and his death hit hard on my mom who almost gave up on life. So i took all the money left in one of my dad's account after he died and sowed it as a seed, (unknowingly to my mother) till this day.....Then when she fell terminally ill later and I thought I was gonna loose her and cried and fasted, then the Holy Ghost told me I had ransomed her life the year before. My confidence was seemlessly reassured....Today she still lives.... My Gate of Opportunity: In the future of 2014 I had written an international exam and passed it excellently well and shared my testimony with the brethren. I taught foundation school in church, was a cell leader in church and my life was a testimony but I wanted more. I always kept track of God’s Word in my life and wanted to prove it daily. Then one day, My Pastor called me to the Pastor's Office, in May the same year 2014; it was the month of open doors and got talking with me..My Pastor said it was noticed that I was so committed in Church. Was I in school? What did I do for a living? The questions came in torrents.....about my education, my family and mum and then suddenly...bam!! Right there! Right there my Pastor said "The Holy Spirit said I should sponsor you to get an education abroad". I almost died standing! My knees hit the floor and I broke down in tears! Was it happening? Yes! it was happening! I cried and cried. But in the path of my Pastor's commitment and the reality of my dreams would be filled with lots of treacherous stumbling blocks, outrageous challenges, that threatened to snatch away from me the promise of the future I had kept in my sight for all my life.... but I fasted and prayed and with the kind support of my best friend, who helped keep me on track through prayer and God's Word.....things started looking up! Sure it matters who you associate with. Prophecies reaffirmed I would go and have scholarships and do more for God. I remember then my senior cell leader would look at me and say "It's not about the school God has something big for you in the USA, you have no idea about it now." (To be continued) We will continue our Cinderella Story in our next "Afternoon Tea"! Stay with us! We leave you with these words: 🌍" What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Attempting to or putting out another's light or candle will never brighten yours". 🌍Rejoice evermore....Pray without ceasing.... I love you dearly! We'll Speak Soon!🌍😆☕✍ #afternoonteawithptad #2019yearoflights #ptadzworld #specialfeaturecinderellastory

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Woah the word works wonders. Thank God for our Man of God

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Amazing story.... Thank you ma

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Thank you so much Ma'am. I can't wait for the rest

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Our God is Awesome



Word Glory be to God.

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Thank the Lord is gracious and kind. Thank you Pastor Ma

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Glory to God,Hallelujah

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Glory..... What a great testimony l am inspired

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Wow!! Very touching... Looking forward to the continuation. Thank you Pastor Ma

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Thank you so much Ma',eagerly awaiting the rest of the story.i love you.

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Wao. Thank you Pastor ma. The word works anywhere. Am waiting for the conclusion ma

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Great story pastor Ma, It is worthy reading. Thank you pastor Ma, i looking forward for the conclusion...

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Long but worth it

I affirm that I am surrounded with the favor of the Lord and His blessings abound in my life! My heart is filled with joy and my mouth with praise as I affirm His goodness, mercy, and love in my life. #CENYORK #CECANADA #PROPHECYWEEK

A hearty thank you to the Esteemed Pastor Murphy Ambrose and partners of Christ Embassy Sokoto for sponsoring copies of Now That You Are Born Again to new converts at the Higher Life Conference, Port Harcourt. We Celebrate You! #LWPM #HLCPH

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I am from above! I look beyond this world and I press forward because God has set me up for greatness! #TeevoEveryday #TheElite #TeensCan

Happy birthday sir, Your life is a blessing to this generation #calmc #teamcalabarrocks

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Refuse to be defined by anything but by the word of God. We are born of the word.

Happy wedding Anniversary pastor Ma. God bless your union

This is a new phase of the body of Christ in the earth. My soul-winning and evangelical exploits are not as they have been before; by the power of the Holy Ghost and through the ministry of angels, I do much more than I have ever done before. The mighty angels of God that has been released into the earth are working with me to bring about the salvation of thousands. These angels cause money to locate me in abundance for the sake of the Gospel. #studyingthenymonpcdlnow #USA #CETXZONE2

A hearty thank you to the Esteemed Pastor Niyi Oluwole Isaac and partners of Christ Embassy EWCV Zone 2 for sponsoring copies of Now That You Are Born Again to new converts at the Higher Life Conference, Port Harcourt. We Celebrate You! #LWPM #HLCPH

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