Asah Helpper Benjamin: Hi I'm new I hope on KingsChat Web

Hi I'm new I hope I will enjoy been here

Celebrating my phenomenal dad #p31

He's the type of father that is simply phenomenal #phenomenalDad

#STPPLUK #ukzone2 #blwhammersmith✝🌴🌴🙏

#summercamp2017 is here!!! 🎉🎉

Don't use your imperfections to measure your perfection in Christ -PC chaii you are teaching Sir

The smile that heals. I love you Sir #phenomenalDad

Celebrating God's grace #p31

Gloraay!!! Ph729 loading.....

Something is happening tonight! Join the Esteemed Pastor Obi Umeasiegbu #TLB @ PRAISE, PRAYER & PROPHECY NIGHT! It is a time of refreshing in God's awesome presence. Where the anointing is, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! See you at 9pm. #cebayelsa 

Ph729 loading..... Happy birthday Sir.

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