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HRH Wealth Raphael has completed his first 365 Days on this planet. Happy Birthday to you son. #CEILESHA #NSWVZ2 #NSWR #Supernatural #celebration #KingdomAsset

Rhapsody of Realities - Pastor Chris: *Greatness Is God’s Dream For You* Friday 21 September #RoR #Autoedification #Supernatural

As I study your Word, I see my greatness and triumphant life! I go forth in your wisdom to accomplish great things for your Kingdom, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

I love and appreciate Dcns. Kate Ehigiator, My mother, my boss, my guide-thanks for consistently having me in mind. Thanks for this new level of my life, thanks for creating for us an effective spiritual staff community. #blwstaffappreciationday #cetextilemillroad #cemidwestzone

Still celebrating my Dear Brother and friend .Thank you for your inspiring life of service and dedication . There are no dull moments with you .its indeed 10 yrs in 1 for you .Enjoy.

Thank You The Dear Supernatural auto-edification Man of God Sir for Rhapathon! Rhapsody of Realities greatness is God's choice. This book makes great things happen in our lives and in the lives of others. As we study it, we see our greatness and triumphant lives! Glory! Amen.

I love and appreciate Sis Jospn Obojiagbe, Thanks for the times of fellowship we share together. Thanks for making me take advantage of the affirmationtrain You have been a source of blessing. I love you dearly. #blwstaffappreciationday #cetextilemillroad #cemidwestzone

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