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Femme, ne sois pas derrière ton zèle mais que ton zèle soit nonchalant. Ne conserve pas ton zèle dans un cahier ni dans tes rêves. #CEOTTAWA #CECANADA #monthofministry

Femme, ne sois pas derrière Femme, ne sois pas derrière

Femme d'influence Femme de Prière Femme de la Parole Femme gagneur d'ames Femme de subsistance #CEOTTAWA #CECANADA #monthofministry

Giving opens your mind in wisdom and doors ... #CEOTTAWA #CECANADA #monthofministry

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LET US PRAY FOR MINISTERS OF THE GOSPEL Join millions across the world on the Rhapsody Prayer Network as we pray for ministers of the gospel, leaders of Christian ministries and fellowships around the world. Click to pray:   #rhapsdoy #prayingnow

Tout ce que tu donnes pour le ministère a une valeur éternelle #CEOTTAWA #CECANADA #monthofministry

God's Set time to bless the people in the city of Hamilton. This program will be bring light, and life to the people in Hamilton. Blessed be Lord God who has given to us the hearts of the people of Hamilton. #ADOB #CECANADA #CEMISSISSAUGAGROUP #CEHAMILTON

Femme, Croire en la vision nécessite des actions. #CEOTTAWA #CECANADA #monthofministry

You’ve passed from death to life, from mortality into immortality, from age into agelessness. Eternal life is the life with agelessness. It’s part of the glorious impact & blessings of the life of Christ in you

Tu as reçu un don pour accomplir le ministère. Il est temps que tu as agisse. Lève toi et avance. #CEOTTAWA #CECANADA #monthofministry

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