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Who is Jesus ? 1 Timothy 3 vs 6. He is God come in flesh! Mary conceived Him as a Virgin, the Angel spoke God's words to her and a baby formed in her womb, He died on the cross was buried and rose up from the grave. #exposeonsoulwinning #UKR2Z1 CEBROMLEY

Who is Jesus ? 1


His disciples and family members saw Him and believed in Him. He said, "Go ye therefore and preach to all nations baptising them teaching them to observe all things I have told you. And lots I am with you all the way. YES SIR!!!

Congratulations!!!!! Bro Francis for performing your OneMillion Outreach as directed by the Ministry. God bless you and cause you to be favored. Amen.

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# MyLMAMmyMinistry #ProudlyLMAM #IbelieveintheLMAM #LMAMWEZ4.

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Lord you're a wonder to my soul....@JESUS!!!!!

Happy birthday Rev sir

We rise by lifting order....🔥🔥💫💯💝

In him I live nd have my life, wellbeing

Q) Is it okay for ladies to wear mini-skirts? A1) Adam and Eve were created as adults. But God had no reason for them covering their bodies. Was only after the glory had departed that they started seeing that they were naked. A mature and holy ghost full Somebody have no time to look and be carried by such to the point of complain. Where is the glory man of God?. Listen, the grace of God enables u see things the God way. You can not be moved into want by mini skirts.If you are soaked in the holy ghost, you dont have time to contemplate on such issues. U just see them the way God sees them coz the glory and grace) of God enables you see things differently. If u are still moved by mini skirts, you are still in the flesh in regards to such bro. It only depicts what is inside of you. Man is a spirit bro who lives in a body. Thats why we are encouraged to be on top of every symbol of prosperity coz thats who we are. If you are in charge and seeing yourself up there, you dont get carried by a casing for someone. I pray that your members b subdued in Jesus name. Let the anointing of the holy ghost mantle you in spirit, soul and body in Jesus name If you have a problem with mini-skirts : Such kind of complains only depicts the nakedness of your soul.Its not guarded. May the anointing of the holy ghost change you in Jesus name A2) We are not at the same level of maturity and whatever we do and wear has to give room to souls and first timers...the sisters have to think for those who are still babes in the spirit.. There has to be a difference of someone who is going to church and someone going to the tarven... Or beerhall... #howtodress

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