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Faith cometh by hearing... Hear the Word of God that will build faith in your heart. Get connected 28/03/2020 #blwzonej #stopthefear #blwzonejvirtualchurch

Faith cometh by hearing... Hear

Happy Birthday to our highly esteemed Pastor Isaac, my mentor, life couch, father..we love you dearly. 😍🥰😍

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YOU ARE THE CHANGE THEY ARE HOPING FOR. Think of that man in Syria who has lost his entire family in the war. Remember that helpless child in Iraq who is destined by circumstances & environment to end up as a terrorist. How about that girl in Libya who has become a victim of a disoriented society. Only the Gospel can heal, mend and restore. The opportunity is here! Do something today! #MENAINVASION

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#pwi #mother'sdayspecial # cewarriministrycentre #CeIdama

The Light of Borno !!! Birthday loading. #230320 #psz #cemaiduguri #Nnwz2

*I’ve been given the authority and ability to cast out devils in the Name of Jesus & I exercise that dominion even now, & frustrate the influence & manipulations of Satan in my environment. Satan has no place in my body, home, work, finances & my loved ones, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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Stop the Fear!!! #blwzonej #stopthefear #blwzonejvirtualchurch

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