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#CEFijiIsland #TotalExperienceSuva #CENadiCentral #CESANZP I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Highly Esteemed Pastor Silas Miracle Ampofo for taking us through training and prayer session.We love you dearly.PRAISE GOD FOREVERMORE!!! AMAZING!!!

#CEFijiIsland #TotalExperienceSuva #CENadiCentral #CEFijiIsland #TotalExperienceSuva #CENadiCentral

Christ Embassy Nairobi 1 Teens Church's Bedrock Cell held an outreach in their catchment with over 30 teenagers in attendance, with 12 of them receiving salvation! Praise God! #Cekenyazone #Fastestgrowingzone

BLESSING SUNDAY WITH SOULS #blessingsundaywithsouls #cewarriministrycenter #pastorjosephizuagie #ceosubi1 #rhasodyofrealities #iamalive

Happy birthday Dearest Pastor Blessing Abbey. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the zone and The ministry at large. We love and appreciate you.

Impact Report from ' Illuminating Your World Conference' in Dhakoli, India. Over 500 youths from the city of Dhakoli gathered to be trained, inspired and equipped at the mega conference organised by the GYLF in the city. The conference started on a high note with a special prayer segment where the youths interceded for their nation and the youths all over the world. Ambassador Abishek, the lead ambassador for the city gave his opening speech, welcoming all the youths present for the epoch event. He also seized the opportunity to talk about the aim, vision, mission and the global impact the GYLF is making across the globe. Promo from the Easter Youth Camp was also played to show the youths how youths from all over the world are been equipped at camp. Present at the conference was the esteemed Pastor Isaac Agarwal who was the guest speaker. He exhorted the youths on their special role in the preaching of the Gospel. The youths were greatly stirred and inspired to preach the Gospel at every corner in the city and in the nation at large. What a time of refreshing! These youths have been empowered and we await the great testimonies as a result of the conference. GYLF, we are taking over! #GYLFINDIA #GYLF

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CINEMA TIME WITH THE CHILDREN AT THE SUMMER SCHOOL🎞πŸŽ₯πŸ“€ The children watched with rapt attention the travail of our Master in 'THE SAVIOURS MOVIE'. With tears rolling down their cheeks, some of them for the first time, beheld the depiction of Jesus' sufferings and the salvation it brought us. It was epic and every moment truly worth it. #CEAMC

#EWCAZ3MegaCellMinistryDayofBliss #MegaCellOutreach #Uganda #MainChurch #Dunamis2PCF

Join this chariot campaign #cedartford #UKR2Z3

Happy Birthday to the most Excellent Dcns Theodora Gentle!! You light shines ever brightly. You are a friend and sister from another mother who heart is sold out to the gospel. I bless God for having you around as you fire for Christ never goes off! Happy Birthday to you !!!

...Mummy, my school uniform has a tear, please fix it for me.❌❌❌ Not anymore mummies, the children at the Summer School learnt to stitch their clothes, make beautiful outfits, design fascinators and bags and other handy crafts...βœ”βœ”βœ” Uhh--la--la. So we can now take care of those little stitches courtesy the AMC Children's Summer School. You can call us "Super Children" for that's what God's Word has made us, and the Summer School has truly equipped the giants in us. Thank you Mummies and Daddies for giving us the best summer everπŸŽŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ #CEAMC

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