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Glooory!What a beautiful time of communing with the spirit for an hour,standing in the gap for the nations,leaders,all men,and the lost in Australia We have received all we have prayed for.1 hour went so fast,did not even want to stop!Glooory!! #CEAustralia #Global hour of prayer

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πŸ“£ It’s Day 9 of the 14-day ExposΓ© on CHANGE. Watch Live or Download Free Using This Link πŸ‘‡ https://pastorchrisdigitallibrary.org/exposeonchange/ceewcaz2 ♦️Message titled ’FAITH TO RECEIVE.’ βœ… Download the Study Guide and remember to create your avatar upon completion of today’s study. Spread the Word! Don’t miss out. #GetitonPCDLTv #PCDLTV #ExposeOnChange #HappeninginMarch #watchonpcdltv #ewcazone2

3 Days to our All Night Service! Friday 26th of March is our first, yes power-packed, and anticipated Favoured Haven all-night tagged CELEBRATION NIGHT! Venue: PRC complex Time: 10pm Come with a strong desire to receive, set your expectations! Ours live will be transformed!

Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris πŸ™Œ #pose @pose1

JOYFUL DCN JOE #celebratingdcnjoe@50 #cewarriministrycentre #centralchurch2much

Thank you loveworld xp #greatness

Happy supernatural birthday to my swaggious boss! A boss full of compassion, love & zeal for the things of God. It's being a thing of Joy working with you. I love you so much ma. I love dearly ma.

ASTUTE DCN JOE #celebratingdcnjoe@50 #cewarriministrycentre #centralchurch2much

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Happy birthday pastor Uju

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