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Super Sunday Service with our Highly Esteemed Zonal Secretary 🥳🥳🥳 Ohh I'm super excited 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #blwsazoned #campusministryrocks #supersundayservice

Super Sunday Service with our
Claire Samoyo


Cant wait for Sunday already 🎊

_Pastor Chris Digital Library_ . Presents *AN EXPOSÉ ON TRUTH!* #DAY19. 💥💥💃💃 Message title 👇 *7 Great Confessions of our Solid Front* . 👉 *Number 1)* . God is to me, who the Word says he is (1john4:8) God is Love 1john3:1. God is a loving father. 👉 *Number 2).* ...... _Watch today's message using the link below_ 👇 ** Create your Avatar👇 ** God bless you. #cebeninzone1 #ExposeOnTruth

May Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris. Spread the Message To Many in Madagascar  via The French Language Translation. #nmtech #nmtechnologies #maycommunionservice #ceaz #abujazone #graceliveshere

✨🎁💯UKR2Z4 Zonal Rhapathon 💯🎁✨ 📢🔊📯Taking the gospel to every nation of the world 🥁📯💫 #RhapathonUKR2Z4 #CEBRISTOL #CEBARKING #UK2Z4FASTEST

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GRACED AND FAVOURED PYK #CELVZ #RecordbreakingPYK #RecordsettingPYK #PYKthechampionmaker #GracedandfavouredPYK

Happy Birthday dear Pastor Ralph. Thanks for all you do in our great region. You are a city set upon a hill. This year you are shining brighter and brighter. I love and appreciate you greatly. Blessings!

#100souls As One Man 💃🙌 #PraiseReport " Esteemed Pastor was preaching in yesterday’s mid week Service, I knew he was talking to me! I’ve always been interested in souls because I know the only thing we will take to heaven are souls As it’s our year of PREPARATION where we need to preach the Gospel and win more souls, I decided to preach in 26 commercial vehicles & win at least 100 souls. Pastor! It has happened! I preached in 26 (because I turned 26 years today)commercial vehicles& won about 100 souls I’m so excited about this because it’s the best Birthday gift I’ve given to myself today! (i paid everyone’s lorry fare in the last vehicle💃🏻) Thank you very much Sir for your guidance and instructions. I’m a product of many meetings where I’ve heard from you. I testify of the Increased Grace of God in my life & in my cell!🙌🏻 Gloryyyyy!! " :- Sis Felicity #EWCAZone5

LIVE NOW!!! DAY 41 EFFECTUAL FERVENT PRAYERS with the Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor Participation link: Or #CEUSAREGION2 #EffectualFervantPrayers

♦️Happening Now! Day 41 of the Effectual Fervent Prayers with the Esteemed Regional Pastor. URL: #CeAccraGhanaZone #EffectualFerventPrayers

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